The Saturday Night I Spent in the ER

Welcome to my blog! I created this as a side hobby a few weeks ago (with some persistent urging from my husband and friends) and I am excited to have this space to write about my life and things God is teaching me.  To kick this whole blogging thing off, I thought I’d start with a little story from The Life of Katie Foster:

This past Friday night, I woke up in the middle of the night with some weird stomach pains.  I figured it was from the Papa Johns pizza I had for dinner, so I just took some Tums and went back to sleep.  Saturday, I felt fine until late Saturday afternoon when the stomach pains came back, but worse than before.  It was a weird cramping/burning that I had never experienced.  The pains were very sharp and deep, so naturally I start searching Google and WebMD to determine the issue.  After about 5 minutes of Web search, I concluded that I had appendicitis.  My head starts racing and I start panicking.  Everything I read and knew about appendicitis told me that I needed to see the doctor IMMEDIATELY to have an emergency surgery or my insides would explode and I would die.  James was at a preaching event, so I called him at least 46 times before he answered and informed him of my life threatening situation and our urgent need to get me to a hospital.  Assuming we would be staying overnight, I packed bags for the both of us and was waiting for him outside in the parking lot to hop in the car as soon as he got home so we could rush to the hospital.

After going to a few places that didn’t take our insurance or said they couldn’t help us, we finally arrived at the Emergency Room at St Davids in Round Rock around 9:45pm on Saturday night.  I hadn’t been to the ER since I was 7 years old when my finger got chopped off by a wooden door (literally, it fell off), so you can only imagine the anticipation surrounding this event.  I checked myself in and we were admitted to a room where I had blood drawn, a urine sample taken, and a sonogram (you better believe James’ eyes were glued to that screen searching for a baby – no such luck). And then the funniest thing started happening….I started feeling better.  My stomach was going back to normal so of course, I was ready to leave.  But apparently you can’t just leave the ER once you been checked in and they are running tests on you.  So…I was just stuck on this tiny bed with an IV attached to my arm feeling perfectly normal.  It got awkward when nurses would come in and I would tell them I was feeling fine.  Finally, the doctor came in to give me my diagnosis, and she said: “Mrs. Foster, all of your tests came back perfectly normal. I think you just had a bad case of…….gas.”



To say I was slightly embarrassed would be the understatement of the year. The doctor prescribed me something equivalent to Pepto Bismol and we left the ER.  We called my parents to let them know a trip to Austin to stay with me in the hospital would no longer be necessary.  James could literally not stop laughing.  You can’t even imagine the jokes.  We drove through the Wendy’s drive-thru at 1am to celebrate my “victory” over appendicitis with a Frosty and French Fries.  I made James sign a written document swearing he would never tell ANYONE of this incident.  Five days later, I have recovered from the embarrassment and now look back on this event with endearment.  That will probably change when we receive the hospital bill in the mail, knowing that I am the most frugal person on the planet, but for now I am choosing to see the humor in it all.

So, what is the moral of this story? I have no idea.  Maybe it’s to not trust Google to diagnose your medical issues.  Maybe it’s to learn to let your husband speak some reason into you before rushing to the hospital.  Maybe it’s just for a good laugh and a story to tell. I don’t know. My life isn’t typically this eventful.  But hey, sometimes these things happen.  And it’s good to learn to laugh at yourself.

Until next time,



One thought on “The Saturday Night I Spent in the ER

  1. Oh Katie – that is sooo funny. I had a sneaky suspicion would the “end” result would be when I began; do not ask me how lol…. You are a brave young woman to share your story and believe me you did make lots of ppl feel better about what the human body does who are perhaps “mortified” by such things. Have a great day!!!!!


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