There is a Season

In college, I lived in a house with seven girls. SEVEN. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.  That’s a lot of emotions, opinions, and mess to fit in one space.  Every time I tell someone about this, they laugh and ask something along the lines of “did you make it out alive” or “do any of you still speak to each other?” I can’t argue with that. It sure does sound like it would be a terrible experience.

But looking back to my college years, those girls and that house are what I loved the most.  You really get to know someone when you live with them because there is no hiding who you really are.  They know the annoying and quirky parts of you; like how you have heels made out of lead and slam cabinets doors too hard and like to listen to the same song on repeat for 2 weeks in a row and sing horribly off key, but they still love you anyway.  I loved living in a house with a bunch of girls who loved me and loved Jesus even more.

This weekend, we all got together for the first time since…who knows when.  We laughed a lot, cried some, danced some, had theological conversations, talked about how hard marriage is, cooked together, slept on the floor (except me:)), sang loudly, annoyed all of my neighbors, encouraged each other, prayed for each other, and just spent time being together.  It was glorious.


After everyone left and I sat alone in my messy house, I found myself craving college; to go back and live with those girls in that house again and have a piece of that life back. I miss it. But even more than that, I am increasingly thankful for that time and those relationships that were formed then.  None of us live in the same town anymore (or state…or country) and probably never will, but I am OK with that.  We are all in our own places doing our own thing, and I love seeing and hearing about the work God is doing through each one of my roommates.  They are all extraordinarily gifted and passionate people who are working hard to bring God glory where they are.

As good ‘ol Solomon tells us in Ecclesiastes, there is a season for everything, and we are all in new seasons.  It is very cool to look back and see how God used each one of us in each others lives in those transformative years to grow us into more maturity.

Praise Jesus for great friends and good weekends.

Until next time,










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