Jesus is still King

I, possibly like many of you, have been dealing with a creeping sense of anxiety this week.

It feels like our country is in disarray.

I don’t understand how racism is still in existence in the 21st century.

It’s almost comical that a man who seems better fit for a reality TV star is the leading GOP candidate.

It is absurd that slander, mockery, and ridicule have become acceptable for persons seeking positions of honor.

After the Super Tuesday results came out, I forced myself to stay off social media for a few days because I felt depressed every time I read some article or watched another video. There is a real fear that the America my future children will grow up in will be very different from the America I was raised in.

And what if that actually happens?

What if my children don’t know the same liberties and freedoms I do?  What if they grow up in a world where only “weak” people show respect and dignity to one another?  What if the USA starts to resemble Panem and our states become districts and we make a sport out of killing each other?

Even if all my fears and anxieties are someday realized, you know what?  Jesus is still King. 

I’ve had to let the truth of that speak louder to me than the news reports linked to my Facebook.  I love my country and I am thankful to be an American.  I have high hopes for the land of the free.  Who knows, the next century could prove the be the most prosperous time yet.  If so, Jesus is still King.

And if not, I have full confidence that He remains on His throne.  God is good and He is completely sovereign over every leader placed in our government.  I really do believe that.  As great as America is, my comfort and hope do not come from being American.  There will be a day when the red, white, and blue flag will fly no longer because all things of the world will come to pass.  On that day, we will gladly wave our white flags of surrender, proclaiming that Jesus was, is, and always will be Lord.

And that’s where I’m choosing to put my hope this election season, and in every season.  I pray you will too.


Until next time,




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