San Francisco Trip

Huge thanks to my in-laws, Steve and Darla, for gifting us with airfare and a hotel to San Francisco for a getaway trip before our baby arrives in May! I decided to channel my inner travel blogger to share tips and must sees in San Fran…(lol JUST KIDDING). Since my little blog has been neglected these days, I thought it would be fun to share some pictures from our trip.  Enjoy!

We hit up all the touristy stuff Day 1 – Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, Ghiradelli Square, taking a boat tour…and my personal favorite, riding a cable car, which lived up to every ounce of  hype and expectation I put on it:

And of course, like any good tourist, we made sure to get as many shots and angles of ourselves with the Golden Gate bridge in the background as possible:

And went on a hunt to find any member of the Tanner family (no luck) but did find their house!

On Day 2, we went to Muir Woods, which is about 10 miles outside of San Francisco.  I wish pictures could do it justice. It was beautiful and majestic and felt like we were experiencing the glory of God’s creation.

Afterwards, we stopped by Stinson Beach, which was super deserted (aka the best way to visit a beach):


Day 3 was my favorite. We took a ferry to Angel Island, and riding the ferry was enough entertainment on it’s own:

We looooooved Angel Island! There was hardly anyone there, and we had a blast hiking the mountain there (about 6 miles round trip).

And I can’t forget about the food! James has a classmate from DTS that lives in SF, and he reached out and asked to take us to dinner. He took us to eat at a delicious restaurant, then went above and beyond to give us a gift card for an ocean-side restaurant, which we went to the next night. Thank you, Karl!


Until next time, San Francisco!


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