A  little about me..

I love Jesus. God saved me at a young age and I am one of those people who is privileged enough to have a “boring” testimony.  But there is nothing boring about living your life to follow Jesus.  He gives me true life, joy, peace, passion, and purpose.  Everything else bores me in comparison of the pursuit of knowing Him.  I love Jesus with everything I have and I want to give my entire life to convince other people to do the same.

On New Years Day of 2012, I spied a cute, tall guy across the room at the Passion Conference in Atlanta, GA, so I walked up and introduced myself.  We found out we have absolutely nothing in common except we both love Jesus, so we figured that was enough and decided to get married during the icepocalypse of December 2013.  We are now building our life together in the beautiful city of Austin, TX.

I am a church girl.  I love church.  We do church stuff 8 nights out of the week.  I love that the light of the gospel is breaking into darkness through broken, messed up people that God has redeemed and called his own.

I am an introvert who loves people.  I find people fascinating and want to be friends with everyone.  I hate small talk, so I prefer to get right to the heart of the issue, to really know people and find out what makes them tick.  This breathes energy into me.  The people in my community are the best; passionate about the gospel, real, hilarious, smart, thoughtful and sacrificial.   I love them.

I have been an avid reader since I learned how to interpret the alphabet.  I love words.  I cry more in books than in real life.    Words can serve as the best teachers, counselors, and friends.  I also love to write.  Words and ideas bounce around in my head, screaming at me until I sit down and write them out…which leads us here.

Welcome to my blog, my little space on the Internet.  Above All Else, my heart here is to know God more and make Him known through worshiping Him through writing.



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